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Top 5 Progressive Online Shopping Trends for Magento Stores in 2018

We’ve already witnessed some changes in eCommerce. Mobile traffic grows on the day-to-day basis, customer product adaptation gains ground, while the level of competition in eCommerce is higher than ever before. We will still witness some of the past tendencies in 2018, while other ones will disappear. Let’s have an insight into 5 Magento trends that will gain momentum this year.

Let’s talk about the low hanging fruit – mobile phones. They will remain big players in the eCommerce arena, forcing merchants to rethink their mobile strategy, including website design and advertising. According to Statista, in the 3rd quarter of 2017, the traffic share on smartphones was 58%, and order share amounted to 38%, while desktop yielded the position with 35% of traffic share. Nevertheless, there were more orders made from the desktop – 52% to be more exact. Statistics show that 50% of eCommerce sales are expected to fall on M-Commerce in 2018, and increase the total eCommerce revenue. Let’s wait and see.

Visits vs Orders - Magento trends

With the online shopping trends in mind, mobile adaptation should be in the limelight today for a Magento store. Let’s further take a look at the less apparent online business trends.


They say ‘content is king’, ‘analytics is king’… other ideas? I’d say personalization in eCommerce is king, for sure. According to Accenture, 81% of online shoppers expect brands to know and understand them better. Addressing customers by name is nothing else but a common practice today.

When it comes to Magento, introduce personalization with the help of:

  • Personalized accounts. They should reflect customized shopping experience, as well as deliver targeted messaging.
  • Product suggestion and listing. When creating a product page, consider the shopping history of a user on your site, and display it. Save customers’ preferences, items in the abandoned cart to show that you remember and care about buyers’ free time. Learn and track their shopping habits and offer items correspondingly.
  • Repeat orders. Do you have regulars? Do they purchase the same or alike items each time? Make sure your Magento store remembers it and suggests gently.
  • Smart search. Autosuggestion, autocomplete, search by synonyms, etc. – adapt the process of search and site navigation for each individual customer, and fast-track your revenue and sales.
  • Social media. Social selling is not new, incorporation of these two elements is certainly a powerful tool.
  • Custom pricing. Creation of customer groups and the knowledge about their preferences can become a game changer when optimizing the price management and strategy of your Magento store.

Unfortunately, most of such personalization functionality is unavailable in Magento by default – although there are great improvements in Magento 2.2x. And then 3rd Party Extension Builders come to help, with their abundance of choice, all that remains is to take your pick.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

eCommerce companies are talking everywhere about chatbots and intelligent virtual shopping assistants as a part of their business strategy. It’s no wonder that interest of the Magento world to AI grows exponentially every day. According to Statista, worldwide revenue of the AI market is forecasted to increase tenfold between 2017 and 2022. We’ve already witnessed multiple companies offering services to create and train chatbots aka chatbot builder platforms. Personalization becomes even more data-driven. Items get discovered better thanks to machine learning technologies. All this increases the chance that window-shoppers become regulars, customers become more engaged and satisfied with their shopping experience.

AI - Magento trends

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

While this is nothing new, it does take less than a second to make the first impression. AMP is the project led by Google that aims at increasing page load speed by using a simplified form of the HTML structure free from resource-heavy elements. So, when a customer comes to your Magento store through search results, an AMP is expected to load in less than a second. Fast enough to make the first impression With the world slowly turning to handheld devices, this is a must-have technology today.

Such pages get correspondingly marked with a ‘lightening’ sign to inform users that the AMP technology is used. Moreover, AMPs are said to be ranked higher by Google. Ha! Not surprising.

AMP - Magento Trends

Progressive Web Apps – (PWA)

Since June 2017, Magento Commerce has started reimagining mobile shopping experience through PWA. Having collaborated with Google, native PWA potential is expected to be brought to the full in 2018. According to Forester, native apps show higher mobile conversion rates in comparison to the responsive ones. But how many customers are ready to download a native app to make a one-time purchase? Quite a few, right? PWAs tend to combine both: website features with the latest website technologies and the feel of a native app with no need to spend time on downloading and installing – exactly, phone capacity is another pain in the back.

Benefits of using PWA in Magento:

  • native app-like look and feel,
  • faster shopping experience,
  • seamless checkout process,
  • opt-in push notifications,
  • higher conversion rates.

Where PWA falls behind:

  • Safari, the main browser used in Apple products, doesn’t support some of the key technologies of a PWA – service workers, push notifications, etc. Hopefully, they will get to figure it out in the near feature.

Video Content

Yep, I’m talking here about video marketing, including video promotions and live video. According to Forbes, about half a million people watch video on Facebook every day, traffic from videos is expected to be more than 80% of all the internet traffic. Today consumers want to watch and see a product in action. Having been proved to drive higher customer engagement, we are slowly shifting to the video-first world with square and live videos winning consumers’ hearts.

Video Content - Magento Trends

Wrap Up

I’ve attempted to highlight just 5 of eCommerce trends that we’ll witness in the Magento world this year. Surely, Magento rends don’t just appear with the wave of a magic wand. They evolve, get reshaped and just to the online customers’ needs, as well as we do!

Do you have any ideas on what trends will reign supreme in 2018? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Magelancer is an enthusiast keen on the eCommerce ecosphere and advanced marketing strategies. With more than 7 years of tech blogging experience, Magelancer gets down to bed-rock and strives for sharing valuable content.

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