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Top 3 Magento Chatbots: Comparison Review

The chatbots hype began in 2016.

Facebook Messenger had zero bots in February 2016 and over 18.000 by July 2016. Kik had more than 20.000 chatbots in August 2016.

Hence, chatbots are promised as the next big thing in tech.

Today, we’ve got chatbots for everything: education, fun, traveling, medicine, porn… But let’s back to eCommerce chatbots in general and Magento in particular.

Top 3 Magento Chatbots

If you might notice, Magento is actively sharing news, stats and tips about chatbots. Even more, on the recent TechCrunch China hackaton, Magento pointed out the following idea:

Friendship of Magento 2 with Messengers.

Image Credit: Thomas Goletz

All this leads to big changes in eCommerce as more and more industry giants see promise in AI.
Shopify already benefits from Messenger integration, Magento is next.


1. Woxy Messenger Shopping Assistant (Magento 2)


In our humble opinion, this extension is the king of chatbots on the Magento 2 market. It offers integration with Facebook and has a bunch of great features like:

• Save any type of products right in Facebook Messenger;
• Get instant alerts when the out-of-stock/coming soon product are back in stock;
• Change the size, color, style or whatever right in Messenger;
• Chat with the team and a Woxy-bot 24/7

Price: $149 per year (but right now it’s FREE for 3 months)

Try Woxy

2. Chatbot Integration (Magento 1)


Chatbot integrates your store with Telegram and Facebook Messenger. This tool allows shoppers to chat with your bot, asking ‘him’ to do things like checking order status, etc. right in Messenger you can:

• List products from categories and search for products;
• Add products to cart and clear cart;
• Track order status, reorder and send emails;
• Block customers and many more.

Price: FREE

See here

3. Facebook Chatbot (Magento 2)


Another extension for Facebook Messenger. The tool lets shoppers search for products right in Messenger, allows creating various standard replies (greetings, not found, product search) and shows the available options for a product.

Price: $99

See here

Bottom Line:

Magento market has not so many options for messengers. What do you think of a chatbot trend: do you believe it can benefit both shoppers and store owners? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

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