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Magneto 2 full overview

Magento is one of the best platforms for ecommerce. It is open source software by a US company called Varian. It will be much beneficial for the store owners and the people to use Magento as it facilitates various options for successful ecommerce. Ever since ecommerce has come to use, there are many ecommerce platforms came all the way in to the market from the beginning but Magento is unique and seems the best ecommerce platform ever. In this era of ecommerce Magento is revolutionary software for the business and store owners and also people for easy access with upgraded features. The theme, platform, database, linking, caching and many other features are the best of Magento.


Ecommerce is highly famous these days as many people like to do online purchase. Because of the reasons such as convenience, comfort, collections and concession, people get attracted to ecommerce and moreover it seems that ecommerce is beneficial to both people and the business. There are many advantages of using ecommerce and the popularity and usage of ecommerce keeps increasing. Most of the people that could access internet do online purchase as it seem cheaper than offline purchase. The items purchased by the people will be delivered to their door steps and they don’t have to go anywhere to buy the product. Wide range of collections for selection is another major advantage of using ecommerce sites than offline purchase.

Magento 2

Since ecommerce is on rise numerous businesses have come online these days. Online market is huge and wider with great opportunities for the business and marketers as they can reach huge number of people for their business. Any kind of business that enters in to online can reach various levels through proper ways if they choose to thrive. The businesses that seek an opportunity to enter in to the online platform can do it effectively through Magento 2. As the business steps in to online space the business needs a platform through which it can reach the people. The best way to make the presence in online is to use any platform rather than just creating a website for the business. Creating a website for the business is just a basic step in ecommerce other than that the business or the store should use the Magento 2 to establish as a business that reaches the people.

Magento platform

The ecommerce platform Magento 2 is useful for the business setup hence businesses and storeowners can use it without any issues. In order to establish the business in online platform the business would need a setup to sell the products through website, has to carry out the administrative operations and handling the products, orders and customers perfectly. These things can be done just with a website hence the businesses should use the ecommerce platform called Magento 2.

Features of Magento 2

  • Cache facility
  • Open flexible architecture
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Super shopping facilities
  • Easy to maintain
  • Secured payments and transactions
  • Facilities for upgrading

Things to do

Businesses will be able to setup their establishment in the online presence through the Magento platform. As soon as the setup is done on the platform, the business and the store owners can start their sales successfully through the ecommerce platform. Taking the order, managing the stock, selling and managing the products and having interaction with the customers become easy through Magneto 2 Ecommerce platform. This is a hassle free platform to make easy setups and one stop solution for the stop owners and business people to make their business in online presence.

Familiarity of Magento

Ever since its inception, Magento kept growing and currently there are more than 200,000 online stores. Magento is famous for the platform facilities for the business and with the features and facilities either the businesses can use paying version or the free version of the ecommerce platform software. When it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform for the business or a store, the hosting information of the business is important.


Some of the ecommerce platform use to be hosted but Magento is self-hosted. If the ecommerce platform is hosted then the business or the store has to use the site on the platform in way like renting the site on the platform for selling the products. In such case it will be easy to make the setups moreover there will not be any issues in it on any cost but your site will not be under your control as the ecommerce platform takes the complete control.

In the self-hosted platform, the business owner or the store owner will have the control on their website independent of the ecommerce platform. The ecommerce platform allows the complete access to the site owners such as business and store owners. The fact is that the business owner or the store owner has to involve in the business setup so that it will be easy for the owner to have customizations otherwise no customizations will be allowed and it will be monotonous.


This is the advantage of the using Magento 2 ecommerce platform that the store owner or the business owner gets complete rights over the site for installing the components, setting up the business, managing the stock, products management, enhancing the relationship between buyer and seller and customers.

The server of Magento is highly responsive so the hosting is reliable and efficient. As far as the ecommerce platform is considered the server response is most important because people that do their purchase in the online market would expect the site to be faster in response. If it takes more time for payment and other issues then the chances are there to lose the transactions and the customer has to take steps to roll back the process.


Though the money paid through the payment gateway will be refunded to the account if the transaction is failed it will take almost 7 business days. Customers don’t bear with such money issues repeatedly and they will choose cash on delivery and the chances are high that they may move to another site for purchase. Hence server response is most important especially when it comes to payment. The payment gateway can be faster only if the server is faster otherwise not.

As the customer checks the collections of products or different models of products, they may take time but there won’t be any server issue and the response rate of the server can be normal but in case of payment there should be continuous response without any issues. Billing and payment is the one of the major part of online purchase hence the server support is most important and Magneto is the best in server response.

Admin panel

The admin panel of the site is another major aspect of ecommerce site. It is important for the site owner to have customization option so that it will be possible to manage various things such as products, ads, updates, price changes, stock information, feedback and many other important things. Therefore the ecommerce platform in which the business has its website needs to do many changes frequently. There will be frequent changes in the offers for the products and it will be updated regularly as soon as there is a change in the offer. This is not only beneficial for the people but also for the business owner or the store owner as the sales will increase.


The one of the major reason for the people to choose online purchase is offers and discounts. Hence the business website should get updated with offers and discounts for intended product without any delay. Any delay in updating the price changes and offer details would affect the business as it will stop the sales increase. For this reason, it will be easy for the business owner or the store owner to customize the components if it is done through ecommerce platform.

Global features

Global features are another important aspect of online business. The site or the store should not have limitations in terms of region, language and currencies. People from anywhere should be able to make their purchases easily. The one of the greatest advantage of online purchase is that the customers can make any type of purchase from anywhere and the limitations for the purchase are less. People choose online purchase as they don’t have to move anywhere for their purchase and will be able to make it easy from home or from anywhere.


The products and items they have purchased reach them at their door steps. This convenience is really welcomed but at the same time customers should not have any limitations for purchase because of the language, region and other aspects. In such case Magento ecommerce is best because it facilitates  international support for business and the store owners that they can update and customize the components such as tax information, multiple language, VAT and other Taxes if any and multiple currencies.

International support

The main idea of having Magento ecommerce platform is international support is commendable and hence people from any place or any language can access the business or the store for buying products using any currency. The online payment gateway should be updated with the features to accept the currencies of any country and region and there should not be any limitation in it.

As the Magento offers easy customization facility for the business owner or the store owner they will be able to setup the payment gateway not only for international currencies but also to accept any kind of cards such as master cards, visa cards, express cards, credit cards and debit cards.


Themes of the ecommerce site should be attractive and also simple. Customers that choose online purchase will get attracted with theme of the site. Most of the people consider shopping as entertainment hence they usually spend time online in the ecommerce site.  As they spend their time online they would choose to navigated different pages of different products and will get back to the access viewing the products they actually looking for. Before moving on to buying they take time to check different products hence they expect the site to be attractive and at the same time should not be annoying.


Some sites choose attractive themes but it would seem annoying as the products and its information on the site would not be visible.  People expect to have the site attractive but the products and its information such as specifications and other useful information such as feedback should be clearly visible. It is possible to have all such details clearly visible only if the site is not disturbed by the theme. Themes are most important for the site as it gives professional look to the site. The business owners and the store owners have to choose bright and cool themes for the ecommerce site. Magenta 2 has neat and cool themes that appear professional to the people and it will not be disturbing to the look of the site.

Navigation and menus

As far as theme for the ecommerce site is considered the theme of the site is not only about the look but also about the options for the site. The navigation panels, options in different places of the site. The clickable options such as menu, services, about, offers, categories, shopping options, shopping cart and other menus will be placed in a specific order as per the choice of theme chosen by the site owner.  As the theme plays major role in the site, the site owner has to choose it wisely as there will be frequent ads and promotions on the site for each product or service. Therefore there will be a separate space for ads in the website layout. ‘=


Theme makes the layout of the site and the site become easy and convenient and also attractive for the customers as per the theme and the layout. The site should have major menus that are important for the people to have hassle free purchasing experience and apart from that the site can have additional options and features that facilitate more advantages for customer and also for the business. The advantage of using Magento 2 ecommerce platform is that the business or the store owner can use the same Magento ecommerce site interface for multiple sites of the business having same themes, layouts and navigation options.

Open source platform

One of the major advantages of using the Magento ecommerce platform is that it is open source platform. The frame works and programming of this platform is open hence it will be most beneficial for the business owners and store owners. As far as the ecommerce site is concerned the site owner has to give importance to the design. The aspect of design is directly connected with the features and the facilities connected with the site. The design of the site is discussed with complete site with menus, facilities, features, theme and everything included in it.

Complete design

Since Magento is open source, there are multiple options for design with less restrictions and limitations. The site owner can go for any type of design but the professional touch is most important. There are many ecommerce sites with less features and incomplete design. Such sites will get low visitors. Bringing the visitors to the site is most important because not all the visitors will become customers so increased amount of visitors to the site will increase the customers for the business.

Therefore, the ecommerce site owner will have to use all the possibilities that can attract as much as visitors to the site so that such visitors can be turned to be customers. The best way to attract the customers is to have unique and complete design which means the design that makes the site complete with all the features and facilities.

Adding the design

Since Magento is an open source platform it will be easy for the site owner to append the design whenever it is needed. The site owner may need to enhance the design when it is needed which will be easy for the site owner if Magento is used otherwise the site owner will find it tough to enhance the design or to make any changes in the design as there are many limitations in other platforms unlike Magento. It is a platform written using PHP hence any changes and modifications or upgrading in the coding can be done easily. The site owners take responsibility to keep the site updated so that they can give updated information to the people.


Security is the one of the major concern for the ecommerce site because major population of online purchasers pay through online payment gateway. Some people choose to pay through cash on delivery option that they will pay when the product is delivered. There is no issue for such people regarding payment butt if the payment is paid through online through payment gateway the payment will not get updated or it will not be successful if there is any issue technically. In such case the exact amount of money will be credited to the bank in few days but if there is no proper security, the person will not get the money back as the money will be defrauded in any way by cyber robbers but in most of the cases the amount will be refunded shorty without any issues.

Secured transactions

On the other aspect for easy payment options the person will store the credit and debit card numbers and other details on the site since payments can done easily through debit or credit cards without hassles. As they have to enter the card numbers every time, they enter the details once and it will be saved in the commerce site for future purchase. The fact is that the chances are there that they the details of the cards can be used by cyber robbers to steal the money.

This is avoided in the ecommerce sites that use Magento 2 ecommerce platform as the security is highly provided by Magento and so the chance of losing money is seldom. This is also the one of the reason for the success of this ecommerce platform over the other. As security is prime concern the business and the site owners can trust Magento platform as they can experience multi-layer security for their ecommerce site.

Coder’s installation

Another major advantage of Magento is that the site owner can modify the coding if needed as per the requirement. The Magento team has built this extending code and made it as open source hence the other coders can make contributions to fix the bugs if there is any issues. The core function of the site can be modified with coder access but it is not allowed in other platforms. The extendibility is allowed hence it is increasingly famous ecommerce platform.


Magento has many extended features that it works as a store front support, multiple fronts and a powerful tool that is flexible in various levels. As it is one of the most easy and convenient for the store owners, business owners and ecommerce site developers, the site tends to extend the features and facilities. Product management, order tracking, system updated, sales management, financial transaction management and other features with perfect content management system are the main reasons for the business owners or the store owners to choose Magento.  As Magento has upgraded the features the upgraded version is Magento 2 which is most preferred ecommerce platform these days.


The architecture of Magento 2 is extended and rich and well supported by the server system. Hosting is shared with diverse features but no extra cost is charged. Dedicated server is facilitating for proper functions, security and higher response rate.

Magento 2 Installation

  • Verify the system requirements
  • Install the composer
  • Clone the Magento 2 Git Hub repository
  • Change the permissions for Magento 2 directory
  • Update the installed composer on Magento 2 directories
  • Run Magento 2.0 installer
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