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5 Main Features of Magento 2 Rich Snippet Extensions

Mageto 2 rixh snippets

Rich Snippets must be at the pinnacle of your Magento store SEO campaign. I know it sounds overstated, but let’s call it like it is. This bit of the HTML markup is powerful. It talks directly to the HTML crawlers, tells them what data must be communicated to the searcher, and voila! Your customer gets on the hook.

What are Rich Snippets?

 Rich Snippet is a structured data markup added to the existing HTML that allows the search engines to easily process information about your Magento store. For example, when you search something on Google, it will show you the title, its URL, a small description, and added information such as a star rating or its price. This happens when site operators add Rich Snippets to their HTML. Rich Snippets employment is beneficial to both customers and store operators. Customers can sift through the results faster and operators can reach their specific target market.

Magento rich snippets with sitelinks and categories

In order to properly add structured data to your Magento store, it’s crucial to have an eye for Rich Snippets data types:

  • Product. This property includes data on the product (name, description, image, price, review ratings, seller, condition and availability).
  • Recipe. This indicates data on the type of a dish, preparations, nutritional information and reviews.
  • Review. It includes reviews of a store, movie or restaurant, both individual and aggregate reviews.
  • Event. This property includes an event’s official name, start and end date, location and ticket details. Google only supports organized events such as musical concerts, art festivals, etc.
  • Software Application. This includes software app, its URL, price and review ratings.
  • Video. This indicates an embedded video content from a website, with description and a thumbnail.
  • Article includes news articles with a headline, publisher’s info and images.

 Make sure to select the appropriate type of your content and comply with its policies regarding its Rich Snippet display. Some Magento store operators use techniques that do not comply with such policies. They markup irrelevant and misleading contents to increase their store’s traffic. Google has begun to take action and has started to penalize these offenders.

It can be cumbersome to add Rich Snippets to your content manually. Fortunately for those maintaining a Magento-based store, there is an abundance of 3rd party extensions that offer easy and intuitive Rich Snippets optimization.

Let’s take a look at five must-have features for a Rich Snippets extension, and explain why your Magento store does need them.

  1. Product Page Markup

Magento product page rich snippets

That’s what exactly product page markups allow store owners to do. They make such data as ratings, reviews, product cost and description, in-stock or out-of-stock data, and more displayed in the SERP.

Why would you need this feature?

This is one of the ways to reach your target audience. Customers will see product details already on the page with search results, and make the first impression about your offerings. So, the chances to attract potential buyers increase.

What’s more, this will help you increase the clickable area, which has a positive effect on the CTR.

  1. Category Links with Descriptions

Magento Breadcrumbs Navigational Elements in Search ResultsMagento Breadcrumbs Navigational Elements in Search Results

Category links are normally listed under a web site’s meta description. They provide links to certain categories of your Magento store, as well as tell ‘window-shoppers’ what those categories have to offer.

Why would you need this feature?

Category links with descriptions are a great way to promote certain categories of your eCommerce store. By offering catchy descriptions that show the real value of your offerings, you can get customers on the hook right in the SERP and decrease the number of clicks that lead to checkout.

  1. Breadcrumbs Navigational Elements in Search Results

Magento Breadcrumbs Navigational Elements in Search Results

That’s how traditionally breadcrumbs look in the SERP. They are used to indicate what position a displayed page has in the website’s hierarchy.

Why would you need this feature?

Breadcrumb markup is used to categorize data. They let users navigate all the way up the breadcrumb trail, which is especially important if you store has a lot of web pages. Breadcrumbs help shoppers find their way around and improve clarity of search results by showing where on the site users get from search results.

Breadcrumb SERPs

Not long ago Google has added breadcrumbs to the top of the page:

These breadcrumbs SERPs are images. Users can swipe the carousel of images to have a quick idea about its results. This mostly concerns informational queries so far.

  1. Sitelinks Search Box

Sitelinks Search Box

The sitelinks search box literally allows including a search box in Google Search Results, which can be powered either by Google Search or by your own search engine.

breadcrumbs SERPs

Why would you need this feature?

This features will let users that search things by brand name or URL, do a more detailed search regarding products. Shoppers will be able to search within your Magento store right from the SERPs, which is great way to increase chances they reach their destination faster. Remember the three-click rule? Why not help shoppers find what they are looking for faster? That’s exactly when the application of sitelinks search box comes in handy.

  1. Support of Facebook Open Graph & Twitter Cards

Facebook Open Graph & Twitter Cards

These features allow creating Facebook and Twitter posts that are more engaging and visually appealing to users. You get to control what data will be displayed and how it’ll be shared by users.

Why would you need this feature?

When implemented, links that point to your eCommerce store will start displaying a customized title, image and description. Posts will be more eye-catchy, what increases the chances of social media actions, likes and shares when compared to standard text posts. As a result, you get more website traffic and brand awareness.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for more ways to stand out from the competition in the SERPs, it’s high time to reconsider the way your website’s rich snippets are displayed. Besides increasing the clickable area, they provide more valuable info about your brand and offerings. This boosts user interest and engagement.

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