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Magento 2 Simple Product

Magneto 2 is in the market and has been updated with compatibility to JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Coding on Magento 2.0 is done on modules, and integration is a lot easier than ever before. Moreover, this version of Magento employs Varnish caching to speed itself up. Loading dynamic data is possible with AJAX; and being SEO-friendly, Magneto boosts the ranking of websites created using it.

As it adopts a modular design, creating products on this platform is easy and simple. We shall have a look on how you can build a project with Magento 2.0:

Step 1: Set the attributes

The initial step requires you to define fields to be included in the product details.

A simple product is created through the Add Product button, which can be found on the upper-right corner of the Products page. You will be directed to the page after selecting ‘Catalog’ from the ‘Products’ tab.

Other types of the products, such as Downloadable Product, Configurable Product, Bundle Product, Grouped Product, Virtual Product and Simple Product can also be created. You can find all of these listed near the ‘Add product’ button.

Step 2: Complete the required field

A. You’ll first need to fill the product details, which you can by clicking on the product details tab and filling up the following information:

  • Product’s name
  • Price
  • Upload the image
  • The Quantity of the products available in stock
  • Weight
  • Assign a unique SKU
  • Set the Tax Class
  • Provide a brief description of the product in Description box
  • Click the Save button to save the changes that you have made


B. Upload more images through the Image Management tab.

C. Optimize the website.

For SEO, enter the URL key and specify the title for your product’s page through ‘Meta Title’. Relevant keywords related to the product can be specified by writing Meta keywords. Meta Description can be used for the product’s description, which will be listed by search engines when that product is searched.

D. As the last step, you’ll have to associate the product with a specific website. This can be done through ‘Products’ in ‘Websites’, after which, you can switch the ‘Product Online’ button to ‘ON’ and save your product.

Therefore, you can create a product with these easy steps and enhance its visibility in search engine results.

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