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Magento 2 SEO features

Magento has as of now suited SEO upgrades to improve the site rankings. It’s most recent Magento 2.0 rendition, propelled a month ago in November made a considerable measure of buzz. At the point when discussing its SEO highlights, you can discover a portion of the key enhancements has been done in this new form.

The all new Magento 2.0 is adapted to enhance the default SEO abilities. We have made this online journal to highlight the SEO upgrades done in this most recent form which are seen by our engineers.

Product Page Optimization

As Magento 1.x is now upgraded with real components, Magento 2.0 has minor expansion. In Magento 2.0, the settings of the meta tags continue as before for Title, Description and Keywords. Comparatively is the URL key settings for store sees, Categories way for Product URL’s and Canonical Link Meta tags for products.

What a most recent improvement is done to enhance the product page is the presentation of ‘Product Fields Auto-Generation Template’. This new choice is utilized to characterize the product Meta tags in relationship with the predefined formats and product characteristics.

XML Sitemap

Loads of changes have been seen in XML Sitemap. Implying that, now you can determine the need and recurrence for a product, CMS, category and different pages independently. Moreover, Magento 2.0 gives the office of adding an XML sitemap to a robots.txt record naturally. Additionally, it is currently conceivable to add pictures, utilize the Sitemap Index and characterize the parameters to part things between XML records.

Rich Snippets

One of the greatest SEO changes made in Magento 2.0 is expansion of rich pieces. Utilizing this, now the user can undoubtedly demonstrate the organized markup information from your eCommerce site inside of Google results which enhances both CTA and SEO, and this usefulness is empowered as a matter of course in the framework. In this way, you don’t need to take a shot at it!!


Another perceptible change done in Magento 2.0 is empowering the user to alter the Magento “robots.txt” record in Admin Panel from Stores/General/Design. Integration

Magento 2.0 think of the that is added to the default Magento 2.0 layout. To enhance the site rankings, its vocabulary is utilized for denoting the substance with metadata about itself.

Product Image Tags

The users of the Magento 2.0 will now be encouraged with product picture names. Implying that, user can now straightforwardly put these marks on the product pictures to snatch user consideration which is accessible in prior Magento 1.x rendition, yet by utilizing outsider augmentation.

Related Products, Upsells, and Cross-offers

All the three sorts of product classes, specifically, up-offers showing more costly and highlight rich results of the same product sort to build benefit, Cross offers shown different products from other classification which is connected or can be utilized as a part of option to the genuine product and related– showing extra products that can be purchased with the real product are improved for better SEO. Need to know how you can utilize this element? Check our prior post on Magento cross-offer and up-offer points of interest and how to utilize them.

Universal Google Analytics, Ecommerce Tracking, and AdWords Conversion

Another real change done to enhance the SEO is that Universal Analytics has brought set of alternatives that will sort out and gather the user information to track their conduct. To permit Google Analytics to find your eCommerce Store movement, first empower eCommerce following that is more improved in Magento 2.0. Indeed, even you can without much of a stretch discover the catchphrases to manufacture site change.

SEO Configuration

SEO settings are still same as that accessible in prior the variant of Magento 1.x.

Towards the End

There are a couple of different things which are enhanced, for example, Pagination Optimization so now the classification will indicate itself. Another is Layered Navigation. Along these lines, URL’s on the layered route focuses to the classifications. Likewise, the chose ascribes are not added to the Meta tags. One more change is Category Page Optimization through which classification URL organization will stay same while sifting choices are utilized by user.

SEO changes in Magento 2.0 spreads critical perspectives to ensure your site gets higher rankings. You may likewise consider other outsider instruments if the default SEO choices are very little for you.

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