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Magento 2 Popup Extensions Comparison

Popups are not dead and have been proved to be an effective tool to increase conversions. They can boost the number of newsletter subscribers, improve sales and reduce cart abandonments, provide different kinds of verifications, display news, and notifications, etc.

With the obvious importance of this tool, I’ve taken a closer look at 5 popup extensions for Magento 2 to help you decide which one would better complement your eCommerce and Magento-based business requirements:


All 5 extensions have a set of backend settings. I find it critical to have a closer look at them to know more about the frontend functionality and effectiveness of the reviewed modules. Some extensions are more customizable than others. So, let’s dive into the details.

Popup Pro for Magento 2 by AheadWorks

Popup Pro for Magento 2 by AheadWorks has 5 major sections: general information, where to display, popup content, popup design, and statistics. Click here to see their backend demo.

It seems to be, that this extension looks quite standard as well as its functionality with a chance to configure a sample popup or a newsletter subscription.

General information

Magento2 pop-up extension


This section offers a standard set of features. Besides enabling/disabling popups and naming them, users are offered to choose customer groups (retailer, general, etc.), when a popup will appear (X seconds after a page is loaded, once the page is scrolled byX%, after a certain # of pages, once a cursor is moved outside the page), cookie lifetime by minutes and animation effect can be also set here. As for animation, users can choose from 7 options, including move from top, newspaper, horizontal move, etc.

Where to display

top Magento 2 pop-up extension

5 display positions of a popup are offered to choose from (home page, product pages, shopping cart, checkout, catalog pages) as well as about 10 positions on the screen (starting from middle center to bottom right). Also, users are offered to check the boxes with categories where they want popups to be displayed.

Popup content

Best Magento 2 pop-up plugin

This section is limited to the standard editing and formatting options.

Popup design and statistics

top Magento 2 pop-up modules review

These are two different sections, but Aheadworks offers quite a limited functionality with a chance to insert just custom CSS when it comes to design and track CTR, # of views and clicks.


Popup Widget Extension by MageWorx

pop-up for Magento 2 store

Popup Widget Extension by MageWorx has 6 major sections: popup information, settings, position, appearance, conditions and cart conditions. Click here to see the extension’s backend demo.




Popup information

magento 2 popup solution

In the ‘Popup Information’ section, the extension allows you to specify the popup title, set an image as a content type, enter text with a great deal of editing options, specify the popup content width, use a fixed width, or even limit it. Also, here you can choose where your popup will appear: home page, product page, category pages, cart, checkout onepage or specify a URL of your own.

What’s is more, there is also a lot of options to specify when your popup will appear and for how long:

Magento 2 pop-up comarison and review


Magento 2 email subscription pop-up

In Settings, MageWorx allows you to choose how often you want a popup to appear: once per session, only once, until a certain number of user clicks and etc. Also, users are offered to set cookie lifetime in days and maximum time per view. Popups can be closed with a click outside, closed automatically after a set number of seconds, and more.


Magento 2 newsletter subscription pop-up

Obviously, in this section, you can define the horizontal position of popups in px from left, right, center, center to right and many other combinations.


Magento 2 pop-up

This extension offers great customization possibilities, starting from choosing border size and color to setting a popup corner style (sharp, rounded, circle). Also, I quite enjoyed all the variations of appearance effects – fade in, slide down, slide up, elastic animation, rotate and zoom as well as about 11 close icon styles.


pop-up Magento2

I believe these conditions can please even the most demanding users! We are offered to set conditions for certain days of the week. By holding ctrls button, users can naturally choose a couple of combinations. Also, merchants have a chance to set product attributes to show a popup, such as price, color or even product category id. Moreover, popups can be set to appear for certain countries, devices, returning / new visitors, and even custom groups (wholesale, retailer, wholesale, etc), and even certain users by specifying their IP addresses.

Cart conditions

Magento 2 pop-up addons review

I was quite surprised to see these conditions emphasized in a separate section. Popups can be shown depending on whether the cart of online shoppers is empty or not, the quantity of items in it, cart subtotal, product categories or attributes in the cart.

Magento 2 Popup Plus by Magebuzz

How to choose Magento 2 pop-up extensionMagento 2 Popup Plus by Magebuzz has 2 major separate sections: storefront properties and widget options. There 6 templates (CMS Static Block, Login Form, Custom Popup, Cookie compliance, and Newsletter) to configure. Click here, to have a look at the backend demo (Admin (Username) & Admin123$ (Password)).

General options are used separately and allow you to enable/disable a popup as well as enable/disable stats:


pop-up extension for Magento2

Storefront properties

pop-up plugin for Magento2

Magebuzz popup extension does offer quite limited functionality with just few configuration options. In this section, users are offered to set the title, assign it to store view and specify sort order.

Layout updates

pop-up module for Magento2

Layout updates solely allow specifying the page on which a popup will be displayed as well as choose from around 19 containers and 20 pages.

Newsletter Popup Extension for Magento 2 by PlumRocket

Magento 2 pop-up developers

Newsletter Popup Extension for Magento 2 by PlumRocket has 4 major sections to edit a popup: general, display settings, texts & templates, and theme template.





pop-up extensions comparison for Magento2

In the General section, Magento 2 store owners are offered to name their popups, choose their status, use coupon codes and configure their start and end dates. Autoresponder emails can be also set to be sent with a chance to apply a template (just one as far as I can see). Also, merchants can set certain subscription success pages, and there are some variants to choose from: stay on the current page or get redirected to a certain URL, with more variants to consider.

Moreover, in this section, we are offered to set coupons format, choose from signup options (both to register or sign up for a newsletter) and enable certain form fields – first/middle/last names, email, phone, prefix, etc. – 20 fields total. Also, this section allows to manage MailChimp lists, i.e. configure user subscription mode and enable certain MailChimp lists (monthly news, product updates, promotions).

Display settings

There are 20 beautiful themes to choose from, which are quite nicely presented. Popups can be set to be displayed after a certain time delay, upon an exit intent, page scroll, mouse-over, click or manually by developers.11 animation options and cookie timeout in days are also available in this section.

Texts & labels

In this section, we can add a title and description to our popup, enter the text for a success message, submit and cancel buttons.

Theme templates

Here we see an HTML template with a chance to insert images of your choice as well as CSS Styles.

Newsletter Popup for Magento 2 by IWDagency

Newsletter Popup for Magento 2 by IWDagency offers 3 main sections to configure the popup: general settings, design, and social icon. The presence of special buttons and icons that’s what probably differs this extension of its competitors. However, all the rest functionality of this extension is quite simple.

General settings

pop-upchiose for Magento2

Here you can enable/disable popups, set their width, placement, timing, link and text in the footer.


How to choose pop-up Magento2 solution

Design configurations are limited to setting button and button hover/text/text hover color.

Social icons

Choosing pop-up extension for Magento2

This is probably the most significant section in the Popup Extension by IWDagency, where you can choose from 12 social networks, configure their colors or choose the standard ones.

Brief Overview

Magento 2 popup extensions comparison chart

Final Words

As you can see, there is a multitude of popup extensions to choose from. Most of the extensions offer standard functionality with limited customization options. While IWDagency stands out of the crowd thanks to introducing social buttons in a popup window, its functionality leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, allowing users to share data of interest is quite advantageous! Popup extensions by AheadWorks and MageBuzz have solid standard functionality, while Plumropcket has less to offer except for Facebook login functionality. What also grabbed my attention – when it comes to MageBuzz – there were no updates since August 2016 – quite a while, right? (according to the official changelog on the extension builder’s website).

In my opinion, Popup Widget Extension by MageWorx is the most complex product on the market so far. It offers beautiful customization options with a chance to choose from any possible popup trigger (check out this post on popup triggers, to learn more) and even more. I also find device targeting crucial, giving that we are living in a mobile-first world with Google punishing and ranking lower websites that use annoying popups with huge images on any device. What is more, knowing which users are new and which have just returned (logged in/ not logged in users) can also be helpful when building your marketing strategy. –  Moreover, the product has quite a simple backend configuration. MageWorx currently charges $199 for the extension, which is on the similar scale with other extensions but with a more massive function package to benefit from. So, based on the price and quality criteria this is currently a win-win solution to consider.

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