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Magento 2 introduction

Behind every successful business, there is some big secret or hard work hidden behind. So the secret is finally out. This era is completely digitalized and people are shopping, watching and reacting to what is happening in online. In these kinds of days, it is better to make your business online. The online business needs a strong standing which can be created by some of the good online arena softwares like Magento. The Magento is a software company which can help your business to get a sudden hike within mean time.

Footsteps of Magento

The company was official launched in the year 2008 on March 31st. The online coding is written in PHP language. It is capable of supporting any cross platforms for sustaining in market. The online platform is wonderfully launched for pure content management system and shopping and carting software. The online platform helps many young entrepreneurs and business people to start up their own e-commerce website and manage them tactically. If you are in sure need of reaching high in business or sale, then you can get tied up with some of the best and very resourceful online platforms like magento.

The company Varian laid the strong foundation for Magento in the beginning. The software was developed with the help of many volunteers and it formed the heart model software of them. On sharing a substantial share with eBay which later on led to spin off and that helped the company to grow big like an olive tree.

Launch of Magento 2

Magento had really undergone so many difficult situations but it stood strong and confident which helped them to release a super cool version which changed many people’s lives. The magento 2 was officially released in November 17, 2015 which has got a new package of features which knocked off its old version. The new version was completely focused on highlighting the user engagement in the software which will drag the e-commerce website for a great success. The version 2.0 was really a cool one with more user friendly options and smooth navigation. The new version gave rise to model view pattern which has got the front end using the coding language of JavaScript and knockout.js. This pattern will easily help data to store in a secured manner. All these compact versions add an extra advantage to the software which will surely help your company to maintain a high class business e-commerce website.

Highlighting features of Magento 2

After the launch of magento 2 version your business can really turn into a very simple management. The recent tools implemented in this version will give access to use your system in a very effective way. The software is developed with more user friendly environment and scalability which will surely give a rise to your e-commerce business. The magento has been launched very successful and some of the key features of magento 2 are displayed below

  • Open flexible architecture
  • Cache facility
  • Super shopping facilities
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Secured payments and transactions
  • Easy to maintain
  • Meek up gradation facilities

Open flexible architecture

The new power packed version of magento 2 is open software which is really a gift for purchasers. The new architecture which has been used in magento 2 is super cool which helps to interact with easier navigation.

Cache facility

The cache feature which is available in the current version is Redis 3.0 which is excellent in storing the page data. It collects cookies in better way. Just only for page caching it uses varnish version 3.5. Since magento EE is used surfing with catalogs, ordering and checking out is quite simple.

 Super shopping facilities

Your customers will really experience a high quality shopping experience when they are using this new version of magento. The developers have concentrated more on making the purchase so easy and suggest some of the stuffs which they are already searching for.

Enhanced productivity

The new version has got 50% of fast loading page rather than its very old version. The model is designed to go around with rapid speed in from catalog pages to check out pages. This design can really help your business website to get more productivity and increment in sales.

Secured payments and transaction

The version which is released right now supports high security system which cannot be hacked by any of the software. The software uses some of the gateways like

  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • net

These are some of the gateways which are used by the software to make each and every transaction safe and secured. The TLS is used in the current version.

Easy to maintain

The meek maintaining and up gradation facilities are really cool in this version. Even though this version has got more of the user’s attention, if you are interested then you have upgrade with some of the other versions for a friendly usage. The architecture of model view helps people to construct and progress in easy manner.

How it is different from version 1.0?

Front end

The version 1.0 had PHP 5.5 language codes which helped to build the software. But the present software 2.0 has got the upgraded PHP version of 7.0.4.

Back end

The backend support has got compatibility with new MySQL version of 5.7.

Added supports

The new elastic search version 1.7 has been included in this software which will allow the user to explore various search categories.

These software changes made in version 2.0 has created super cool software which can surely develop people’s business.


If implementing the most advanced software for your company interests you then surely these are the requirements for software which are mentioned below

Operating systems

With the Linux as operating system Red hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) can be used. Rather than this some of the softwares like

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • CentOS

These are just some of the softwares which can be support the magento version 2.0. Since it is supportable in cross platform there are no big differences in software. Apart from these operating systems, the magento 2.0 can be installed in all operating systems.

Memory requirement

The memory requirement for installing this software is 2 GB free space is exactly needed in your RAM. Just 2 GB of free space can really help you to perform better preferences in attracting your customer for e-commerce website. Such efficient and improved software needs just limited space in your hard disk to make your business progress in rapid ways.

 Web servers

The server must be upgraded one. Without a proper server there are no chances for the software to work with better speed and compatibility. The Apache webserver with 2.2 version or 2.4 version can really be compatible with the current version. Even Windows server like WAMP and XAMPP can be supported in this magento 2.0.

These are just some of the requirements which have been installed in version 2.0 to give an added advantage. They really make your business get increased in short period of time. The software is purely designed for making high progress in developmental area of your business. Apply this software for getting a hike in your business environment.

Key features

Since the magento 2 was originally developed from its past version there are multiple issues faced in migrating the data and maintaining the databases. But as an awesome result new features was flooding into the newly developed version of 2.0. Some of the key features of current version are displayed below

  • Speed increment in sites
  • Reduced Time To First Byte
  • The server hosting is changed as Cloud solution
  • Improved website performance in all gadgets
  • The backend functionality is advanced and reliable
  • Checkouts for products are easier

These are some of the major key benefits which have been launched in version 2.0. The speed of your e-commerce site is most significant one which is afforded at high levels in this software. Customers rely on rapid loading which will make your website more attractive and provide a pathway for many customers buying products in your site.

 Install quickly

The magento 2.0 can be installed quickly without any high complications. It installation becomes so quick with command line. The command line installation just makes the version more compatible and safe. Here are the steps for having installed your own server.

There are three varieties of usage for this software which are mentioned below

  • For own server
  • Integrator or packager
  • Professional developer

For own server

Maintaining the own server is quite easy with magento 2.0. But simply maintaining the server will not help you to take control over any of the products or stuffs which are available in website. For downloading own server here are the steps involved.

Step 1

Download the compressed file of magento software from their paid website.

Step 2

Extract the file in magento server or administrator server.

Step 3

Install the software in your system by using any of these two options give below

  • Web setup wizard
  • Command line setup

Step 4

Now your magento 2 is installed in your system and you can really start exploring the various aspects of software.

 Integrators and packager

The integrator and packager are entirely for focusing on people who are in need of owning a website or e-commerce platform for them. The integrators can have a complete access control over the software which can easily help them to manage the products and even other options. Here are the steps for installing the packager version of magento 2.0

Step 1

Initially for packager a project will be created which will have all the components installed in it for creating an e-commerce webpage. It uses a composer to combine the components together as a single package.

Step 2

The composer package starts updating with various new packages like metapackage which is one of the key features of this version.

Step 3

The magneto software will get installed using either by command line or setup wizard which appears in your system.

Step 4

It upgrades the magento application and implements all the necessary needed features for creating an e-commerce site.

This is how the integrator and packages are installed in simple manner. With the help of metapackage link one can get access to these packages.

Professional developer

Are you interested in coding? Then here is the opportunity for your knowledge to expand in greatest heights. Even though there are many volunteers who are working for the upliftment of software, you can also implement some of your ideas and craft the open software. Simply work like a professional to fix some of the disadvantages and bugs in the software. If you are really into becoming a professional developer for magento 2 then here are the steps for you to install the software.

Step 1

First get accessed to magento 2 Git Hub repository. Since you are working as fixing bugs and enhancing the features you need an advanced platform for making the changes.

Step 2

Same as packager use composer to update the existing packages and dependencies.

Step 3

Now install the magento software either using the command line or by setup wizard option.

Step 4

Now update the new versions of Git Hub and composer commands for accessing with high control management.

Step 5

Customize codes and make changes in codes under the category of app/code.

This is how you can really contribute some of your talents for making changes or clearing bugs in the software of magento 2.0. Contribute better for getting a wide knowledge about the software. If you are working on such kinds of open systems then changes are wide enough for you to higher level of coding knowledge.

Theme of this software

People usually get attracted to colors and different themes. The one of the finest ways to attract customers for your website for purchasing products is by creating a colorful and pleasant theme. The theme of recent version 2.0 is really cool and people are getting crazy behind the works of the software. Theme is mostly grabbing the attention of customers.

The front end of the software uses Cascading Style Sheets for a better colorful environment. With the help of PHP rudimentary skills the changes in any of the themes can be changed without any delay. The themes can really make good impression about your e-commerce site.

For business prosperity

The software can be implemented by any of the initial business people for a better profit and increment in sales. They are best in content management which will help your business to get hike within short periods of time. They use valuable strategies for developing your sales and grabbing the attention of customers. Since the company has already created many versions of magento they are clear with type of software which your business needs. If you are dealing with some electronic storage online deliveries then you will surely need this version of 2.0 to enhance your sales. Most of the customers are dragged towards seeing the catalog models and 2 or 3 pictures about the product which they are about to purchase. The version of 2.0 can really give out some good results for such good features.

Professional services

The services related with magento 2.0 are quite satisfying. They provide migration of your software from the early version of magento 1.0 to 2.0. Since they have got good experience in developing these softwares they can migrate all your data without any issues. They provide less data loss while migration. They provide data backup facilities before migration. It is very surprising for an e-commerce software company to provide lots of services.

They even help in analyzing your business in market and what are the changes can be done after installing better software like magento 2.0. The professional experts will have prior experience in market and they can even predict your sales after installing magento 2.0. As a beginner with such efficient software, you may have lots of questions with architecture which is the model view platform. So they help to clear some of the doubts regarding anything in model view. Even your ideas for crafting a website can be implemented.

Data backup

If you are already using some of the softwares like magento 1.0 or other versions you can easily upgrade to the newest versions. But before updating in your webpage software, be care that you are checking with data backup. The facility of data backup can be provided in magento 2.0 which is the safest place to store all your data without any loss. They even help in migrating your data from the old version to the new updated version. It is kind of easy to stick on with magento 2.0 which has got all the best facilities for your product featuring website.

Code audit

Have you ever realized that a software company can work for more progression in your business? If you have realized then you are already into magneto services. They conduct code audits which will clear off any of the bugs or errors with your software package. After making proper auditing they can give you results about your site and what are the errors which have been fixed in the current site. The have got health check-up services for your site to detect any of the virus or malware threats.

Era of online purchase

Since people are really into online shopping, there is one single point to make your business reach high levels. You need to focus on building up a strong basement of website which will have all your products showcased for purchasing. There may be many stages in constructing the right software for you, but it is meekly possible with magento 2.0.

When you are getting software from magento 2.0 there are chances for your site to get more attention because of some of the key features which have already topped up. With some of the specific features like storing caches, loading speed of the page and session handling techniques your website can get good name among some of the customers. If you are in need of making your business more popular then you can use this Magento 2 introduction for getting increased in sales.

The software is capable of providing smooth navigation in your e-commerce website. Even search tab is also available in software where user can rightly search for their filtered products. The software handles your e-commerce website so tactically and makes sure everything is okay in the point of consumer. The software even provides extensions for its services of version 2.0. Some of the extensions are

 Messenger shopping assistant

  • SEO suite ultimate
  • Shopping suite
  • File downloads and attachments
  • Gift cards

These are some of the extension facilities which are available in the software. The software is really considered as one of the best tool to establish a great connectivity in online with customers who will surely increase the sales of your business.

Why magento 2.0 ?

Many of the people may have this question in their minds. Why magento 2.0? They provide better services which can constantly increase your sales pitch and their strategy of content management with SEO tools can really help your company to get a hike without any delays. The magento 2.0 is advanced than 1.0 which has got ample of features which will develop your business in short span of time. They can provide a website for you with the features like

  • Featured products
  • Product menu
  • Catalog (Media)
  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Order
  • Check out
  • Transactions

With all these necessary options they give a safest webpage which can enhance your sales in short period of time. They are best in online services which can concentrate in the core areas of your product. Your product can be anything like food, fashion, medicine, electronics and utensils. They will help you to create a better online arena where you can get opportunities for bulk orders too. You can simply apply all your business secrets and trade secrets in that specific area to see a mass outreach in your business. The magento 2.0 can make your business place become more ergonomic environment.

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