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How to install Magento, extensions and themes

There are two ways to install Magento. One of them is Magento Softaculous auto installer which is available in cPanel.

Magento Softaculous autoinstaller

  • This is the easiest and most effective type which allows you to create a Magento installation in minutes.
  • It can be installed by even the inexperienced person who is not having any knowledge about the installation.

Step for the installer

  • You have to access to your cPanal account. Then you have to find the Softaculous icon which is located on cPanel page.
  • You have to expand the E-Commerce category. Click on the Magento link which takes you to the Magento installation page.
  • Now you have to click on Softaculous icon which redirects you to the installer’s home page where you will find more applications and different features that is the way to perform the installation via Softaculous.
  • To proceed, click on ‘’Install’’ button.
  • The important step at which one has to pay attention is when New Magento Application is configured.

How to install Magento extension

The function which adds more information to your customized stores on magento is obtained by a simple way of installing Magento extensions. There are a number of extensions built for the Magento store and the number is increasing every day.

Installing Magento Commercial Extensions

You can buy these Magento Commercial Extensions from a merchant site, but you cannot buy them through Magento Connect. You can browse from Commercial Magento Extensions. You can choose to install them by visiting a merchant site.

How to install Magento Extensions using Magento Connect

  • The Magento Connect manager first asks you to login where you are required to use your store admin login details
  • Paste the ‘’extension key’’ which is copied from the Magento Connect.

How to install Magento Extensions from Shell

This suits for high traffic Magento powered stores where there is high traffic. There are many problems for the high traffic powered stores because they may be attacked by hackers. Leaving your information in your folders and files may be stolen by the hackers. There is no security for your information. In this case if you install Magento Extension from Shell, it will help you to secure your information.

How to install Magento theme

Magento is one of the E-Commerce stores which is very popular with many latest features. With increase in population, many are migrating from the existing stores to Magento E-Commerce store for more benefits. Magento is configured with many features where you require some knowledge to indulge into the customization of Magento.


How to install a Magento Theme using Magento Connect

  • Browse the Magento theme archive and Select a theme that you like.
  • In case you have the URL of the theme, open that url.
  • Click on the ‘’ Get Extension Key’’ and agree the license agreement.
  • For security reasons paste the extension key to the tab of Magento connect of your store.
  • Copy the extension key.
  • Login to your store admin panel to install the theme.

As it stands, Magento is the best e-commerce store where you can enjoy many benefits within your approach and you must not waste any time to get it.

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