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How Can I Check PayPal Account Reputation?

According to BI Intelligence, 46.1% of cart abandonments occur at the payment stage. Glitches and data breaches have always been a big concern for online shoppers. While nothing today is completely risk-free, it will never hurt you to play it safe.

PayPal Account Reputation: Not Working

Once, PayPal offered quite an easy way to check whether sellers are verified or not by checking their email addresses. Users could just follow the link and enter the email address of a seller. Unfortunately, today users get redirected to the ‘Contact Customer Service’ page.

Floating around the Internet, I’ve also come up with a number of solutions. They are still not working for me:

For instance, some users recommend to:

  1. Go to ‘Send Money’/ ‘Request Money’ tabs,
  2. Initiate a payment/ Request Money
  3. Before the payment/request is sent, go to the ‘Check the details on your payment’ page,
  4. Reputation link will be shown next to the seller’s email address.

I will repeat myself but this doesn’t work for me either as the necessary information is not displayed.

PayPal Verified Seal

PayPal also recommends to protect yourself from any kind of scam by dealing with trusted sellers. Take a look at the PayPal Verified Seal.

Once, online users also offered to check sellers’ data by clicking the ‘Verified Seal’. After being directed to the PayPal website, shoppers were able to see such vendors’ information as email address, verification status and the date of creating a PayPal account.

Should I trust PayPal?

While there is no way to check out whether a seller is verified or not, pure linking a bank account to a PayPal account is a part of getting Verified. That’s how the confirmation of bank account ownership is carried out.

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