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How to add Downloadable Products in Magento2

Magento 2 downloadable product

Magento 2 is an open-source eCommerce platform that provides omnichannel solutions for its partners and developers. This version is even more flexible than its predecessor. Magento 2 allows merchants to upload both simple and downloadable products. Here are some easy steps that will make the setup process of downloadable products—digital products that can be sent in a file such as games, eBooks, music, etc.— a piece of cake.

Step 1: Open configuration page for downloadable products.

    • Log-in to your account and select Catalog from the left panel of your Dashboard. Then go to Products.

Magento 2 admin panel

  • Once the Product page loads up, click the Add Product button and select Downloadable Product from the drop-down menu.adв downloadable product Magento 2

Step 2: Complete basic information about your product.

  • Once you’re redirected to the New Product form, fill in the required fields to complete your product’s basic information: Choose its name, SKU, and price; decide whether it’s taxable or not; add an image for it; enter the quantity in stock; choose which category it belongs to; and add a description

Magento 2 downloadable produict information

Step 3: Upload your file.

downloadable product Magento2 enterprise

  • Proceed to the Advanced Settings and fill up the Downloadable Information section.
  • Enter the title of your downloadable products list. It represents the entirety of your downloadable links if you have more than one; it can be the title of your album, eBook series, etc.
  • Select whether these links can be purchased separately. If you select Yes, you can set the price and download limit for each link.
  • Click Add New Link to open a new row or section. Enter the specific title of this link and its price if it can be purchased separately. You have two options for your file:

1) You can click Browse Files to attach the file directly;
2) You can choose URL and insert the link where your file can be found.

Magento2 product upload

  • Choose whether it’s shareable which enables clients to share the link with others without logging in, or only for a single user.
  • Finally, decide whether you want it limited or unlimited. Enter the maximum number of downloads or tick the Unlimited box below.

To add a new file, just click on the Add New Link button again and repeat the steps.

Step 4: Add free samples.

  • If you want to give a free sample of your product, add a new link from the Samples section below the Links section.
  • Enter the title and attach the sample’s file. You can add a sample for each product by adding another link.

Step 5: Save your updated configurations.

  • Double check the details you’ve entered and the files you’ve uploaded. Click on Websites button and tick in the box of your main Magento store. Make sure the product’s status is online.
  • Finally, click Save and wait for the page to refresh itself before leaving it. Go to your Magento store and check your samples to confirm if the links are running well.

That’s it. Now, you’ve got a downloadable product!

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