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Hacking: Beginners’ Guide for Magento Store Owners

Hackers are always looking for the lowest hanging fruit to make a quick buck. If your Magento site is not secured properly, you can be in danger of the attacks. In this article, you’ll get a quick glimpse into the methods that underground hackers use to take advantage of people in this industry.


In the underground community, defacing a popular site will give some reputation. It shows off your skills to others and gives tons of bragging rights. This is extremely beneficial for a hacker because it gives chances to meet up and collaborate. This will help a hacker get more info and cause bigger destruction. If we draw a comparison, it’d be vandalizing a building and making fun of it with the buddies.Magento 2 hacking


When phishing is happening you really won’t notice anything different from your Magento shop. However, this type of attack severely hurts your business image. Do your best to avoid it at all costs. To make fishing happen, hackers craft a page just like your checkout page, or log in and start stealing private customer information. This may include address, emails, passwords, credit cards info, etc. This is of value for hackers because it can be sold for quick cash on many deep web forums or marketplaces..


If you somehow let a hacker get truly deep into your systems, you’ll have a terrible time as a lot of customer information is going to be stolen.

Many Magento stores become victims of hackings. Hackers steal confidential customer data, which will get sold. Taking that the GDPR is just around the corner, making sure your store is safe for customers is critical if you target the EU.


Ransomware is a hacking method that will significantly hurt your business. If you never heard of it before, it’s an attack during which all the computer files get encrypted. Then it requests a quick payment with some bitcoin. If you don’t know what bitcoin is, it is a currency that is truly anonymous. If you are victim to this attack, the easiest way to avoid any complication is to start over, and use your backups or pay up.

Below are things you could do for your Magento site to prevent hackings.


Without using backup, you put your whole business at risk. It isn’t hard to set up a backup as it takes just a couple of minutes. This is probably the only method to beat a ransomware attack. Just do a factory reset on your computer and the virus should be gone.


If you accidentally download something and it turns to be malware, sorry, but the chances that you’re screwed are very high. This gives a hacker a whole look at the inside of your computer. It’s honestly a piece of cake to set up malware as it can be easily bought. What will happen if they go and check your PayPal with a Chrome remembered password? Or even worst to your Magento shop? Unfortunately, there are a great many risks that aren’t well-known to the public, and even more of them appear.


Don’t use passwords that can be easily guessed. A hacker can use a simple dictionary attack (that’s when you use every word in the dictionary) and get it simply guessed. There’re lots of cracking methods, which you can easily fight by using randomly generated passwords. Keep it on a piece of paper and on your computer somewhere.


Make sure to be aware of the main tactics that hackers use. This will let you not get on the hook and protect your Magento store from their attacks. My methods are the best way to defend yourself against amateurs. The pros are cooking up some innovative methods that a few of us know about yet. Magento has some great support and it shouldn’t be very simple to take a site down. Keep your Magento store updated, have the head on straight and there’re high chances you’ll be on the safe side.

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