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Expanding the prospects of your online business with Innovation

When you have over 40% of the product searches beginning on Amazon, being with your magento branded store is not an option anymore. When you want to battle in marketplaces eBay and Amazon you will start to lose power over your name and adds difficulty to managing logistics. The insane growth happening in Amazon and other marketplaces are making merchants to join because if they don’t they’re missing a ton of potential sales.

Below are some tips getting into more platforms.

When starting off and getting into multiple different channels, offering discounts becomes overwhelming, the logistics dealing with inventory, and handling distribution. Most of the innovation in the e-commerce industry are looking to assist merchants to their problems or solve problems, and look at the main concerns. Which is, how could I sell within various platforms while still controlling my brand, and not create total logistical chaos?

When somebody is interested in purchasing and doing some navigation throughout the web. If the website loads really slow or looks like a 5-year-old created the site. You’ll see that the customer will quickly go back to google and try the other results.

Optimizing your site on-page is very important to get higher returns on your investment. How will you make any money if the above situation is happening all the time?

During the year of 2017, you guys should be expecting tools to help merchants optimize their sites right. Managing an online store has a lot of problems that gives entrepreneurs to solve.

Mobile commerce is growing at an exponential rate and is now considered its own channel. Late 2014 over 50% of online purchases were made off a mobile device.

But because of this, a problem arose, no one likes to type in their credit cards and other details. Its a straight hassle and frustration for most people to do this. However, to combat this problem digital companies like PayPal and Apple pay made this easier.

Once you see these opportunities you will need tools to act on them. When selling on multiple platforms it can create logistical nightmares.

To help you understand how bad this could be let us say you sold shoes between your site and amazon. If you don’t carefully manage your appearance across different sites. You could end up in a situation where there is only one backpack left. Now what could happen is two customers want to purchase it. When one can and one can’t there will be a bad experience for the consumer and later on could affect you.

The effects of inventory mismanagement could ripple far ahead a negative customer time;

it could stop brand placement at locations that truly matter most. It is estimated that over 90% of purchases are pushed through buy box (it is that one click purchase button on Amazon). If you are having problems with inventory the button won’t appear on the side of the site and you could lose a lot of potential sales.

Having discounting tactics is really important to trying to persuade customers. Using multiple discount tactics could greatly increase conversation rates. Make sure to use discount enough to not cut deep into your profits.

With all my tips above you could greatly increase your conversation rates. Make sure to be testing and analyzing all the time. Tweaking things to make sure they work and removing things that don’t. It is very known in the industry that scaling is everything. The tips I gave out in this article will greatly help you scale up your magento stores. This will also help you open yourself up to many other traffic sources to get more conversions.

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