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9 ways to increase Magento store returns

Magento has helped 250,000 stores start up their e-commerce journey. When you have a dedicated eCommerce tool with endless customization methods and valuable features. It can help merchants to begin wherever they need and grow at the pace they want.

Search Engine Optimization

1. Meta information

Magento has options within their platform to fill in Meta information. Make use of these tools and change the description, and the title. A good tip is to explain the product information in the character limit and also the keywords.

2. Write great sales copies

Content will forever remain the king of your website. It is the bridge between your product and customers. It’s important not the skimp out on low-quality content and hire professionals, or write it yourself.

3. Creating a blog

Every business needs a blog it’s a great way to communicate with your customers in an informal way. Most of the time landing pages do not display all the information about a product. A blog is important in this scenario because it lets people know more about a product or service. Also, blogs give you many chances to sell your services throughout the article.

Magento Customization

4. Make multiple shop views

What Magento can do is create your stores for many different demographics. It is insanely important to figure it out and get it done. You could miss out on tons of sales if this isn’t dealt with promptly.

5. Changing the Add a Cart button

When you customize your Add to cart app it has an important role in changing your site for better conversion. Magento can really help change everything about the add to cart button to make it more usable. Try to do some testing with your call to action and tweak things according to the results.


6. Hard Passwords and Logins

Hackers are looking for the low hanging fruit to make some quick cash. One of the easiest methods to hack anything is just guessing the password. If it’s such a weak password a simple dictionary cracking attack could break it. You shouldn’t be handling any customer’s information. It is recommended to use password generators to create one.

7. Two-step authentication

To help you a lot more and virtually make it impossible for hackers to get in is two-step authentication. When you login in they will text you a code and it verifies you. Please don’t give these hackers a good time and make it difficult for them.

Boosting Conversions

8. Rewarding system

Who doesn’t like getting a reward? Customers feel better when websites give back to them in any sort of way. This creates long term customers that keep coming back.

9 .Make the checkout simple.

What the final destination for any online purchase is the checkout page. When a buyer is at the checkout it starts to think before placing the order. Many steps involved in the checkout process like billing/shipping information, personal details, and the transaction value

To simplify this step it is recommended to start with the design and make things as fast as possible. Unnecessary information that is not needed will hurt conversation rates.

Final Thoughts

Stores online should be on their feet at all times and ready to tweak things to optimize their conversion rates. User experience is key for all business and you should actively be looking to do that.

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