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Magento 2 Cache Management And Optimization

Gone are the days where customers would wait for several minutes for the website to open. With a number of e-commerce websites booming, customers are spoilt for choices.  If the website is slow, they will leave the site and never return. Thus a slow website can significantly lower the sales. Websites that loads faster will rank higher in search results and have a loyal customer base.  This is where the importance of Magento’s cache becomes more significant. In 2015, Magneto 2 was released with a supercharged platform with 50% faster load

How to create a new configurable product in Magento 2

Configurable products are products that have various options. For a sample, a shirt comes in three colours. Here we will have a solitary Configurable product with an option:color; that ties three straightforward products.Stock, cost and other product qualities are overseen on the basic product's level. How would you continue on the off chance that you have to make another configurable product in Magento 2? The accompanying guidelines take you through the procedure of making a New Configurable Product in Magento 2. To include another configurable product in Magento 2, Navigate to the Products>Catalog area of the Magento administrator panel. Click the Add

Magento 2 Simple Product

Magneto 2 is in the market and has been updated with compatibility to JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. Coding on Magento 2.0 is done on modules, and integration is a lot easier than ever before. Moreover, this version of Magento employs Varnish caching to speed itself up. Loading dynamic data is possible with AJAX; and being SEO-friendly, Magneto boosts the ranking of websites created using it. As it adopts a modular design, creating products on this platform is easy and simple. We shall have a look on how you can build a project with Magento 2.0: Step 1: Set the attributes The initial

Magento 2 Redirect

Fit to be used in large-scale enterprises, Magento has many things to offer you apart from being equipped with highly effective plug-ins for creating e-commerce websites. You can easily create the multiple web pages and customize them as per the requirements. The themes are meant to change the look of the website and through module plug-ins, the functionality of the websites can be enhanced by directly uploading them on the servers. But, there are times when you wish to modify the website by changing the look of the pages in between. This is very general phenomena that web developers are acquainted

Magento 2 Cron configuration

A cron is a job scheduler on a UNIX operating system. It’s time-based. Thus, it can enable you to schedule shell scripts or commands to run in a certain period or time. It’s usually used in automating system administration or maintenance. Cron Job in Magento Cron jobs have to be enabled in order for Magento to work properly. With cron job, you no longer need to refresh your Magento catalog index every few minutes. Magento cron job allows the following features to work in schedule: Sending newletters Cataloging price rules Generating Google Sitemaps Sending customer alerts or  notifications Updating currency rates Scheduling DB

Magento 2 Mobile frendlyness

These days, people are increasingly using their handheld devices like tablets and smart phones to surf the global Web. Hence, on 21 April 2015, Google announced that its search algorithms would begin to give a higher preference to mobile-friendly websites. In December 2016, the search engine also rolled out a new ‘Mobile First Index’ that ranks website based on the mobile version of their content. Hence, it has become imperative for eCommerce sites to make their websites mobile-friendly. A highly responsive mobile friendly website not only enhances shopping experience for the existing customers, but also lets you interact with new shoppers, and

Magento 2 robots.txt optimization

It is significant to know that what importance the robots.txt file carries especially if you are in a profession of website development. The robots.txt file facilitates the search engines such as Google, Bing , yahoo and others to recognize the particular information or website that should be index or should be excluded. Most of all, the websites carries robots.txt respective script that is available on website root folder that can be checked via website robots.txt file as from http://<yourwebsitename>/robots.txt. However, by default, the Magento does not carry robots.txt file. So, need is to create the file and apparently, it will take some time. Enhancing

Schema.Org and Its Integration into Magento

When it comes to search engine optimization in Magento, plays a crucial role. Today, we are going to discuss the integration of into Magento and its effects on the ecommerce platform. When it comes to, it not only acts a powerful tool for data optimization, but it also works to improve your Magento store's ranking on SERPs. Although it is widely known that giants like Google, Pinterest, Microsoft and others use apps, what exactly is a schema markup? A schema markup is defined as a semantic vocabulary existing in the form of code which, when added to