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9 ways to increase Magento store returns

Magento has helped 250,000 stores start up their e-commerce journey. When you have a dedicated eCommerce tool with endless customization methods and valuable features. It can help merchants to begin wherever they need and grow at the pace they want. Search Engine Optimization 1. Meta information Magento has options within their platform to fill in Meta information. Make use of these tools and change the description, and the title. A good tip is to explain the product information in the character limit and also the keywords. 2. Write great sales copies Content will forever remain the king of your website. It is the bridge between

Hacking – A Huge Concern for Magento store owners

Hackers are always looking for the lowest hanging fruit to make a quick buck. If your Magento site is not secured properly you could be in danger of the attacks below in this article. You will get a quick glimpse into methods underground hackers use to take advantage of people in this industry. 1. Defacing or Showing off In the underground community defacing a popular site will give some reputation. It shows off your skills to others and gives tons of bragging rights. This is very beneficial for the hacker because it gives chances to meet up and collaborate. This will help

How to Minimize Cart Abandonment in Magento

What cart abandonment is when a customer after going through the store. Puts an item into the shopping cart and doesn't follow through and purchase. An average online e-commerce store will deal with around 70% of getting their carts abandoned. This is estimated to be worth around $31 billions of dollars in sales missed out. There is a variety of reasons why people abandon their online carts. Trivial things like being distracted, unexpected fees, poor service, window shoppers, and being to expensive. Customers expect more of a personalized experience while shopping and want to deal with people. That is why many e-commerce

How to prepare your online store for holidays

As somebody with e-commerce stores, you should be expecting an influx of sales and traffic during holidays. Black Friday especially, any kind of unexpected events could happen during that huge holiday. I will be suggesting things to do to set up your store to maximize the number of sales you can get. If you implement these steps into your web shop you'll be ready for the holidays. BE PREPARED BY USING A DISASTER RECOVERY PROGRAM This has to be a priority on your list and shouldn't be blown off at all. The risk of not having a plan like this is you

3 tips for merchants to fight fraud

The fraud industry is growing at an exponential rate and its time you learned how to protect yourself. With the increase threats, the big banks took steps to decrease fraud. They introduced emv chip and pins to fight fraud in brick and mortar stores everywhere. Every country that implemented emv chips and pins saw a huge decrease in fraud in brick and mortar locations. Guess what though? There's a huge increase in fraud attacking e-commerce stores using online hacked credit card data to manipulate the system to purchase goods. So today below I'll be giving you tips on fighting the fraud

Grouped Products in Magento 2

A product may be sold in two ways. Either it can be sold individually or you could group a couple of the goods together and sell them in a packaged form. The advantage of having grouped products is that in one sale, you are actually selling three of the products offered by your company. This not only makes it a great deal for you, but it is also an excellent way to attract customers. The best thing about grouped products is that it does not affect the sale of your individual products. The customer can still opt for one of

Create a Bundle Product in Magento 2.0

Among the six default product types in the Magento, Bundle Product is the one in it. It is recognized as the complicated one within product types regarding to configuration. However, Bundle product carries different and its own custom options that one needs to learn well. Moreover, to get your clients towards customizable collection of products, need is to create the Bundle product. Though, it can be sold as components of the Bundle Product by means of virtual and simple. To create the Bundle product, one needs to carry a number of preferences of products through which it can be created conveniently. What is the

How to use Magento 2 API

In the world of computer programming, an API (application programming interface) is basically a set of tools, protocols and routines required for building software as well as applications. The major purpose of API’s is to determine the way various software components communicate within the system. Hence APIs are commonly used to develop graphical user interface (GUI) components. The developers and integrators use the Magento 2 web API framework to utilize the web services which interacts with the Magento system. The important features of the Magento 2 API framework are as follows: Just like Magento 1, the latest version of Magento also supports

How to install Magento, extensions and themes

There are two ways to install Magento. One of them is Magento Softaculous auto installer which is available in cPanel. Magento Softaculous autoinstaller This is the easiest and most effective type which allows you to create a Magento installation in minutes. It can be installed by even the inexperienced person who is not having any knowledge about the installation. Step for the installer You have to access to your cPanal account. Then you have to find the Softaculous icon which is located on cPanel page. You have to expand the E-Commerce category. Click on the Magento link which takes you to the Magento

Magento 2 Cache Management And Optimization

Gone are the days where customers would wait for several minutes for the website to open. With a number of e-commerce websites booming, customers are spoilt for choices.  If the website is slow, they will leave the site and never return. Thus a slow website can significantly lower the sales. Websites that loads faster will rank higher in search results and have a loyal customer base.  This is where the importance of Magento’s cache becomes more significant. In 2015, Magneto 2 was released with a supercharged platform with 50% faster load