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Schema.Org and Its Integration into Magento

When it comes to search engine optimization in Magento, plays a crucial role. Today, we are going to discuss the integration of into Magento and its effects on the ecommerce platform. When it comes to, it not only acts a powerful tool for data optimization, but it also works to improve your Magento store’s ranking on SERPs. Although it is widely known that giants like Google, Pinterest, Microsoft and others use apps, what exactly is a schema markup?

A schema markup is defined as a semantic vocabulary existing in the form of code which, when added to your Magento website, allows search engines to make use of the code to provide consumers with a more informative pool of results. The best example of the utilization of this code is the addition of a rich snippet in the product’s search results on a search engine.

The extension also works towards utilizing the markup to display the following data categories:

  • Average Score
  • Name
  • Rating
  • Short Descriptions
  • Price
  • Brand Name

This allows consumers to gain access to a significant amount of essential information, even before they actually make their way to your store. This not only saves the user’s time but also attracts them towards your store, creating an improved ecommerce experience altogether. Apart from that, it also helps with your ranking numbers since rich snippets are considered to be one of the vital factors on the ranking meter. However, the extension is yet to be made available for Magento 2.

Three important facts you need to know about markup

  1. The use of allows search engines to understand what the content on your website actually means. This, in turn, helps you to improve your ranking.
  2. The fact that it is based on semantic vocabulary which uses microdata format makes the markup easy to use and master. Although you are still stuck with the same HTML pages, you now have to integrate Schema’s vocabulary into the HTML microdata available.
  3. While most search engine giants stand behind since it works towards the improvement of user experience, it can also be at times used as a powerful SEO improvement tool.

What makes Schema’s integration into Magento 2 so important?

The whole ideology of revolves around providing markup for any and all types of content. It does not matter what products you are selling through your Magento 2 website; you will get a better ranking by its integration with However, the benefits of this integration are not just limited to ranking. Some of the other advantages are:

  • It not only improves your current ranking status but also helps you gain a better position in SERPs.
  • An improved ecommerce experience is provided to all your consumers.
  • A more loyal customer pool is created due to the improved experience.
  • An increased amount of time is spent on the website due to the improved experience, which improves ranking along with social media shares.
  • The increased number of sales are generated by a loyal pool of consumers.
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