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Magneto 2 full overview

Magento is one of the best platforms for ecommerce. It is open source software by a US company called Varian. It will be much beneficial for the store owners and the people to use Magento as it facilitates various options for successful ecommerce. Ever since ecommerce has come to use, there are many ecommerce platforms came all the way in to the market from the beginning but Magento is unique and seems the best ecommerce platform ever. In this era of ecommerce Magento is revolutionary software for the business and store owners and also people for easy access with upgraded

Several Magento mobile themes

Today we present three popular mobile themes for Magento. Magento Mobile HTML5 Theme This is an official Magento theme that has all the functions required to make your website mobile friendly. The theme is available to users free of charge. As the name of the theme says, the mobile interface is built using HTML5 technology. Through this theme, users can create a mobile-friendly website easily. The main features of the Magento mobile HTML5 theme include: User-friendly search option, zooming function and clean display of the item information page A storefront specifically optimized for handheld devices — this allows customers to make shopping