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Expanding the prospects of your online business with Innovation

When you have over 40% of the product searches beginning on Amazon, being with your magento branded store is not an option anymore. When you want to battle in marketplaces eBay and Amazon you will start to lose power over your name and adds difficulty to managing logistics. The insane growth happening in Amazon and other marketplaces are making merchants to join because if they don't they're missing a ton of potential sales. Below are some tips getting into more platforms. When starting off and getting into multiple different channels, offering discounts becomes overwhelming, the logistics dealing with inventory, and handling distribution.

Magento 2 in 2017 – Growth Prospects

Magento 1 has been one of the biggest eCommerce platforms for several years. It currently powers over 250000 websites around the world. Its customers include the world-renowned companies like Ikea, Nestle and Coca-Cola. This fact speaks for itself. However, the release of Magento 2, which took place in November 2015, has contributed to the immense popularity of the platform, and the advancement of the online marketing in general. As of today, the amount of websites developed with Magento 2 exceeds 5500 and this number keeps increasing. So, what are the growth perspectives of Magento 2? How can it surprise users

Magento 2.0 Sitemap Setup

A sitemap is where you list the links to the various pages of your Magento 2 store. It is simply an outline of what your store contains, which directs search engines wherever you want them to look. A sitemap serves as a communication channel with search engines and facilitates optimization by making navigation of your Magento store easier, and increasing its online visibility. It enables a search engine to navigate your entire Magento store easily. This is important in optimization work because some search engines, Google, for example, provides ranking for both the Magento store and its contents. This improves

How to add Downloadable Products in Magento 2.0

Magento 2.0 is the latest upgrade for Magento Commerce, an open-source e-commerce platform that provides omnichannel solutions for its partners and developers. This version offers a more flexible platform than its predecessor. Its new user-friendly Admin panel enables easier customizations that allow you to save more time in managing tasks; and its step-by-step product creation tool makes setting up products faster, which increases productivity. Magento allows you to upload both your simple products and downloadable products. Setting up downloadable products—digital products that can be sent in a file such as games, eBooks, music, etc.—is made simpler and easier by following these

Magento Rich Snippets

Rich Snippet is a structured data markup added to your existing HTML that allows search engines to easily process information contained on your Magento store. For example, when you search something using Google, it will show you the title, its URL, a little description, and added information such as a star rating or its price. This happens when site operators add Rich Snippets to their HTML. Employing Rich Snippets is beneficial to both customers and store operators. Customers can sift through the results faster and operators can reach their specific target market. To be able to employ Rich Snippets, add a

Magento 2 SEO features

Magento has as of now suited SEO upgrades to improve the site rankings. It's most recent Magento 2.0 rendition, propelled a month ago in November made a considerable measure of buzz. At the point when discussing its SEO highlights, you can discover a portion of the key enhancements has been done in this new form. The all new Magento 2.0 is adapted to enhance the default SEO abilities. We have made this online journal to highlight the SEO upgrades done in this most recent form which are seen by our engineers. Product Page Optimization As Magento 1.x is now upgraded with real

Magento 2 introduction

Behind every successful business, there is some big secret or hard work hidden behind. So the secret is finally out. This era is completely digitalized and people are shopping, watching and reacting to what is happening in online. In these kinds of days, it is better to make your business online. The online business needs a strong standing which can be created by some of the good online arena softwares like Magento. The Magento is a software company which can help your business to get a sudden hike within mean time. Footsteps of Magento The company was official launched in the year