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Magento 2 robots.txt optimization

It is significant to know that what importance the robots.txt file carries especially if you are in a profession of website development. The robots.txt file facilitates the search engines such as Google, Bing , yahoo and others to recognize the particular information or website that should be index or should be excluded.

Most of all, the websites carries robots.txt respective script that is available on website root folder that can be checked via website robots.txt file as from http://<yourwebsitename>/robots.txt.

However, by default, the Magento does not carry robots.txt file. So, need is to create the file and apparently, it will take some time.

Enhancing the search engine performance with exploration of Robots.txt in Magento 2

The Robots.txt will let users prevent from an issue of having the duplicate content that is a significant aspect for SEO success.

However, Robots.txt will stop the search engines to get unnecessary folder as indexed one.

Steps to create robots.txt file

Apparently, it is really convenient and simple to make robots.txt file and afterwards put into the server. Following are the steps through which one can do the file creation.

  • Simply open the Notepad then copy and paste it.
  • Get the file save as robots.txt
  • After it, place the file on the web hosting root folder.

However, it is really considerable to create as well as optimize the robots.txt for making the Magento store greatly secured with improved SEO.

Robots.txt and the improvement of the Magento

There are several factors that make robot.txt usage as important.

  • To prevent with the duplicate content issue, robot.txt will play significant role while putting good impact on SEO.
  • On other hand, it will get technical information hided like Errors logs with the reports, the Core files and .SVN files etc as well as unpredicted indexing. Thus it will make it safe from the hackers who cannot detect the customer’s platform by using search engines.


Robots.txt installation

Regarding to installation, users should keep in view that the robots.txt file covers only one domain. Thus, the Magento websites with the multiple domains or subdomains should carry its own robots.txt file.

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