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Magento 2 Redirect

Fit to be used in large-scale enterprises, Magento has many things to offer you apart from being equipped with highly effective plug-ins for creating e-commerce websites. You can easily create the multiple web pages and customize them as per the requirements. The themes are meant to change the look of the website and through module plug-ins, the functionality of the websites can be enhanced by directly uploading them on the servers.

But, there are times when you wish to modify the website by changing the look of the pages in between. This is very general phenomena that web developers are acquainted with! So, changing the web pages would equate to making the visitors reach the newly created pages or to the pages that come under similar categories.

The basic question arises that how this can be implemented and whether any functionality is available for the same? You get your key in Magento 2 redirect about which we shall have some info now!

When do you need to redirect your website?

Scenarios in which website URL has some issues like, any permanent change, or some typo error is encountered, and any change in the category and name of the product, any expansion or contraction in the URL details or trying to reorient it for SEO purpose.

Also if you have acquired a new website and discarded the old one and have done changes in the product details or removed an item, then Magento 301 redirect is unavoidable.

What happens if you escape redirecting?

If you chose to leave out the redirecting part, then you are creating grounds for dipping your network traffic. Subjectively, a “404 – Page not found” error is seen when you have skipped to redirect your website. In contrast when you put a redirect code, the visitors are bound for the new or relevant pages.

A note of caution!

Looping the Magento 301 redirect is not a very promising idea because too much of it can create a vicious circle of redirect which can make the search engine skip your website. So, it is advisable to choose to put multiple redirects very wisely.

Create your own Magento 301 redirect!

Writing this code is easier, if you have worked on earlier versions of Magento as procedure remains similar.

1. Go to Magento 2 administrative panel
2. Click Main menu > Marketing > URL Rewrites
3. Working on URL Rewrites requires you to add some details like:
A. Store
B. Request Path: It is the original path
C. Target Path: New path to which the page will be redirected

4. Redirect Type > choose either 301 or 302
5. Click Save to get the a URL rewrite message

Automate redirect when you less time!

It was earlier discussed that you often need to create the redirect codes in dozens and doing it manually would be time consuming. Instead, try the optimize web’s mass 30 redirects, which is an extension to ease out the manual redirect coding.

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